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3 main Tips for starting your Architecture job applications

As with any job, there are several things that you have to take into consideration before beginning your job hunt. Every single profession has its own important piece that has to stand out, but overall it is all a culmination of well-organized and strategized planning that will get you that much closer to the job you’ve been looking for. You can think of all of your documents, records, curriculum, portfolio, business card, basically everything as a team. One has more importance than the other but overall to be successful all of the functioning parts have to work together for the win; landing that job.  If you are able to organize everything and give your self enough time to revise your work and adjust anything that can be improved and/or updated, all that comes next is effective strategizing.

1. Planning

Make sure that you review your work thoroughly to see if anything that may be missing, or parts/sections that can be removed. Add any recent projects that you’ve been working on so that companies know that you’ve been active in the last months before applying.  Think about everything that you need to do and set you’re a deadline and a set of daily goals that you will need to accomplish so that you meet that deadline, and stick to it!! Use spreadsheets to organize everything which you need to accomplish.

2. Research

Make sure that you are well aware of the current job market so that you know what job positions are out there, and also so you can get a picture of what the salaries are in the area that you are interested in. Research the different platforms out there such as Archinect, Glassdoor, Coroflot, AIA Career Center, and the many others so that you get a wide overview of the companies that are hiring and what they are looking for in candidates.

3. Execution

It is important that you send as many applications as you can. Similarly to the planning stage, try to set a minimum amount of applications that you will send on a daily basis. There more you send and the more your work is out there the more likely somebody will contact you for an interview. It really is a matter of quantity. Very importnant that you also make sure that all of your online profiles and LinkedIn are also up to date, this is very important.



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