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A Long Weekend in The Green Mountain State

There is a saying “the journey is more important than the destination”, but in this case I would say the journey is equally important as the destination.

Do you live in the New York area? Have you not visited Vermont yet? Time to do so!

I recently made a ski trip to Vermont by ‘roadripping’ 343 miles with a group of friends. There is a saying “the journey is more important than the destination”, but in this case I would say the journey is equally important as the destination.

Vermont is fantastic, but so is the journey up there. I almost got a miniature American geography class driving from New York City to our final Vermont destination Waterbury . We drove through New York state, Connecticut, Massachussets, New Hampshire and Vermont. If it was not a snowstorm and a couple of stops along the way, the trip would take about 6-7 hours. The contrasts between New York City and Vermont are really remarkable – it is almost like coming to a new country.

So why am I so fond of Vermont? Well first, Vermont bursts in locally sourced food, just like foodie like me, Vermont is a gourmet heaven. In every little corner of the state – along the mountain roads, in the villages, at the local farms – or even at gas stations – you will find fresh produce, crafted beer, artisanal cheeses, maple syrup, local ice cream, homemade apple pies … the list is long. The state even has its own cheese board ! Vermont, or the Green Mountain State, as it’s called, is specifically known for its maple syrup. You can for instance visit the Cold Hollow Cider Mill and buy different types of flavored maple syrups. You can also see how apple cider is produced and get samples of fresh apple cider. Do not forget to visit the bakery and see (and taste!

The popular ice-cream brand Ben and Jerry’s originates from Vermont just make sure to take the tour around their factory and sample their cleverly named and heavenly tasting ice-creams.

I stayed close to Waterbury Village, a quintessential Vermont town – picturesque and charming. Apart from accommodating excellent restaurants, cafes and beer breweries, Waterbury town is perfect for an afternoon stroll while watching the mountain scenery and breathing fresh mountain air.

Vermont is not only a place for foodies, it speaks just as much to nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. It is actually a four-seasons state for tourism, offering everything from skiing and horseback riding in the winter to hiking among the shifting fall colors, rafting, fishing, golfing and kayaking during the warmer months.

I really enjoyed my stay at Stowe Mountain Resort . As I have worked and lived around most of the top ski resorts in Europe, I did not have huge expectations. But! The skiing was surprisingly good, and as soon as you moved away from the take-off point of the system, you could practically have the slopes and beautiful scenery for yourself. Finish off your ski day with a beer or cider tasting at one of the local breweries and a dinner at one of Vermonts’s many restaurant gems and your city get-away is complete!

Emilia Björk


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