Santa Monica pier

Venice beach!! :D


First day in Venice beach. Hold on is this the paradise? Okay, so first of, the turtle has come to greet me this morning during my 10 minutes meditation time. So cute! Her new official name is lady Gregory 😊

It’s incredible how easy is to fill the day with to-do’s that should be done at some point but do not make any difference in the long term. So today I yes or yes I go to Venice Beach!

Take my bike and there we go! It’s amazing to see all the car trucks around, GMC and Ford are usually my favorite. Also all the sportive cars around. And the motorbikes! Suddenly, I remember that series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ (oh, back to my twenties!) and I realize that the famous Route 66 finishes here! Certainly people here enjoy engines. There is such a cult for the motor world. Big trucks roar like giants in the road. Firemen trucks are incredibly clean and even polished?? They all seem to be very proud of their vehicles. And lots of tiny electric teslas!

When I arrive to Venice beach is such a good surprise: first thing I see is a calisthenics park. There is such a good vibe! One of my biggest concerns when arriving here was to get unhealthy and forget about my training habits. I also wanted to keep practicing muay thai and guess what: there are two big boxing bags hanging for me to start hitting, and they are free!

There are several calisthenics parks all along and each of them is funnier than the previous! In one of them people place their slack lines. They are super californially friendly: they allowed me to slack with them, so much fun! There are ropes you can climb and all kinds of bars and structures for training! It’s like an amusement park for people that want to train!

On my way I find, all the sudden, something that really astonishes (back to my teenagehood and twenties again!!). This is the pier where the movie Lords of dogtown was recorded! This movie starts with Hey Joe of Jimi Hendrix and just standing there, this song came to my head. It It was such a mystical moment. The place has a really powerful magnetism. Goosebumps!!

People enjoy surfing, volleyball and running. So do I 😊 I am in fitness-land, and I love it!

I hope next weekend I can skate the world wide known Venice beach skate park!! (Uh, back to my twenties again!) Am I in the paradise?? Haha

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