Hi! In this post I write about my day in Sleepy Hollow! I was there the Halloween weekend and I would like to share my trip with you.

Some of my friends here have been long time in NYC and they miss to go outside the city for a little while. Even I do! So what a better excuse than going to Sleepy Hollow, the place where the Legend of the Headless Horseman happened, during Halloween weekend! Trains go from Grand Central to Tarrytown, a little village close to Sleepy Hollow. You would have to walk about 10-15 minutes from the station but it┬┤s pretty close.

When we arrive, we were expecting to see many people, party… there was nobody! The visit tickets were already sold out, so we went there having a plan in mind of walking and just enjoying the place. I strongly recommend you to make reservations a few days (even weeks depending on the dates) before you go there. Anyway, it is not necessary to go visit any specific place to have a wonderful day.

As I was saying, there was nobody there, so we started hanging around, we bought some cakes and cookies in a little market (I love those things) and walk around to look at the Halloween decoration of the houses! It was pretty cool. Then we went to Philipsburg Manor, a mill from the 18th century in a lovely place. I dare say the weather that day was amazing: a little chilly but sunny enough to be warm ­čÖé

The “obligatory” visit was the cemetery of Sleepy Hollow. Washington Irving took the character┬┤s names for his story (“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”) from the names on the graves of this place. We were surprised about the people selling food (cookies again) inside the graveyard, but you can be there in a respectful attitude looking at the graves of famous people (even Washington Irving┬┤s own grave) and looking at the “Headless man” hanging around there.

After eating, it was time for hiking! I absolutely recommend you to go during the Fall season. The colors of the trees were amazing! There is a path over an old aqueduct you can follow and come back again to Tarrytown. And that┬┤s the moment when the party started! There was a very funny parade in the village. I love to see people in costumes and I have to say that I had more fun than in the Manhattan one! 


So guys, get out of the city ­čśë

Any doubt, don┬┤t hesitate to contact me.



Isabel Lorenzo


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