How Architect-US changed my life

When I first found the job I had before I was very happy and couldn’t wait to start moving to New York and working as a full on project manager for big residential projects. Then I realised I would have needed a visa, and this is when problems started.

I contacted attorneys and asked for advice, went to the immigration office, cried and came very close to dropping the ball and give up my dream job. I was lost and felt helpless and lonely in my journey through the hard American bureaucratic system. I contacted many sponsors but no one wanted to take on my case as my former employer’s company wasn’t strong enough on a taxing level to being able to legally be a proper host company. Then I found Architect-US, and since then everything changed.

Patricia has followed me step by step for over a year; she did everything in her power to help me smiling with me for the good news and being sad with me when bad news came in. I wasn’t alone in my “battle” anymore and I had a great trick up my sleeve. My process was long and complex but I always had Patricia by my side, reassuring me and trying to find a solution to each and every problem we encountered in the way. When last week I finally did my interview at the embassy, she was the first person I wanted to share that with. I now can go on with my life in a happy and fulfilling way, knowing that I won’t have to worry about a visa for a long, long time! I love my job and living in New York is an experience I strongly suggest to anyone. Thank you, Architect US and super super thank you, dearest Patricia, for having made all this possible, I don’t know what would have happened if it wasn’t for you!

Sibilla Morsiani


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