In Between Seasons

And here comes the last days of summer. It is the last chance to enjoy some of the summer events or places that are opened only during this time of the year; going to Coney Island’s Fireworks on a Friday night, listening to the free concerts that are taking place around the city, watching a movie at some of the improvised cinemas installed in the parks, going to a Shakespeare play in Central Park, and so many more that you need to discover and that you should let yourself be surprised by them.

The city is starting to have a different vibe already. I would say that people are getting back from their holidays, which is somehow true, but it is not the same concept you may have about holidays. Here the vacation days during the year are almost non-existent. So most of the people can just scratch some days off, which combined with a long weekend can make a decent getaway. Luckily New York is close-by to the beach and to lots of other nice places and you don’t need that many days. However, if you are planning to get there by bus or by car during the weekend, you should get ready for the traffic jam. The best way to move around the city at weekends is definitely one that does not require being on a road or highway. The New York subway has a quite big web of lines that take you almost anywhere around the city. You can also take the ferry, the train or a plane. The ferry actually works well and it is not that expensive.

The weather these days is a bit crazy too. Some days are still sunny and hot, but some others you can start to feel chilly autumn’s days that are to come. The best advice for that is to check the weather in the mornings before going out, and like that you will always be prepared.

It is sad to say goodbye to the summer, but it is also exciting to welcome the autumn, and even more here in the US, where are so many events that will be going on during this season!

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