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Woke up this morning and saw this beautiful landscape through my living room window! Fire escape included, this is winter in New York City!

I’ve lived two winters here so far – in 2015 and the current one- and both have been so nice! If there is anything I like from this city is that winter is bright and sunny almost every day. Even though we can reach -15ºC (or 5ºF… I still don’t understand their way of measuring things) and it can get freezing outside, the sky is blue and the sun shines beautifully.

So here are some tips for the snowfalls may be yet to come:

      1. Appropriate shoes. Boots better! I do know some people in the office that have different options for shoes under their desk. Rain, snow… they’re prepared!


       2. Consider signing up at the gym. Personally, I prefer working out outdoors, but some days it’s just too cold and too windy. My favorite gym in my neighborhood: Chalk Gym, North 9th and Driggs!


       3. If your commute includes the L-Train, be patient. There’re delays, and it is usually overcrowded, but you will be pretty much likely to experience a great concert while waiting on the platform.


       4. If you want to get warm, go to Kambi Ramen House on 1st Avenue! Be careful with the spicy ramen and try the radish salad – the weirdest (and delicious) salad you have ever tried!

Caterina Portilla

Trainee at Handel ArchNew York

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