training program in the USA

My training program in the USA, work days

Meeting my workmates is awesome!

I finally started my training program in the USA and I’m really excited about the office environment and the good energy around them. In the beginning, I imagined they would be very different from me in their behavior and way of working but in the end, I realized that is quite similar to my way of working. It is incredible how they are super organized in different areas: operations of design, project managing, cad project management, project architect,  interior design, cad drafting, 3d modeling; thus it makes more efficient and faster the process of design, project, pricing & budget and construction, while in my last job the same person would have to deal with different tasks, from different areas. At some point I think is a good way of making any final product/project in a systematically and productive way, but at the same time I think that when we have to work together with different areas it makes us more dynamic and versatile, our mind process learn to deal with any kind of problem and respond quickly whether it is a client, a construction issue, a budget, a contractor, etc.

Of course, I’m looking forward to learning from them and get to know more about their traditions during my training program in the USA




Celeste Cornejo


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