Kaaterskills Falls

Autumn in Upstate

One of the best things to do in New York in Autumn is going to natural parks to enjoy the beautiful colors of Autumn. This is the best season to walk through the forest and see the reddish colors of the leaves and step on the soft soil. 
Last weekend I went with some friends Upstate to disconnect from the big city and have a nice weekend in the middle of the forest. We chose a little village called Palenville, in the region of Kaaterskill, well known for it spectacular landscape. It is a healthy retreat among mountains, waterfalls, forest, charming people and delicious homemade food. The region is situated in the Hudson’s shore, so you can find several little villages to visit. 
We find a beautiful and typical american house in Palenville, really close to the famous Kaaterskill Falls. When we arrived we discover an old and squealing house, something that helped us to create a funny scaring atmosphere. We couldn’t pass the night without telling scaring stories. The situation, the place, everything was ideal for it. 
On Saturday, we visited the Waterfalls of Kaaterskill and a beautiful lake.  Then we came back to Palenville and I tried a tasty and hot soup typical from the region that was one of the best I have ever tried. Great! 

Int the evening we went to Hudson village, 30min from Palenville where we saw a lot of antiquities shops. There were some beautiful objects and some of them really strange, but whatever, I loved them. You can read the history which flies around them.
Next day, we visited the hippie village of Woodstock. It was incredible and really cool. I wouldn’t mind living there. There were books shops with whatever book you can imagine, a lot of handmade jewelry, a market with things of the 60s… You could breathe the ‘flow’ and ‘good cheer’ in the air. I will come back for sure!

Belén Dominguez


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