Hello! I’ve been here for a little while so I can tell you my “first month experience” in this INCREDIBLE city and give you some advices, if you like.

I arrived september 13th. I have a friend in NY so I could stay the first days in her house. This was good. The thing is that find a house in NY may be crazy crazy crazy. So, be prepared and not afraid. I reccomend you to look in Craigslist and join some Facebook groups (Gipsy Housing NYC, NOT Gipsy Housing NYC, etc). The problem is that you will send lots of messages and nobody will answer you. So be patient, don´t trust anybody, be careful, don´t give any money if you don`t see the house (come here and find the house here) or if the owners are not reliable. And also, forget your prejudices. You are going to see many places completely different than the houses in your country (I mean, in most of the cases), but they could fit you. But you will find it!!! Really, you will find something. And if it´s not your perfect place, in the future you can look for something else. So go for it!

I got a house in Manhattan because I wanted to live here, but there are people who live in Brooklyn or Queens, and they like it! (it will be cheaper).

So, choose what you like and forget about what other people say (everybody thinks his/her neighbourhood is the best).

More things…

Everything is expensive. At least, more expensive than it is in Spain. The food is expensive so try to look for different places and look at the prices. In the supermarkets you are going to find around 500 types of each thing you want (I think this is amazing and I love it). So take your time to see what’s the best (the cheapest, the more quality, etc).

And the most important things as you arrive are the bank account and the phone number 🙂

Getting used to the city is a little bit hard (it depends on the person) but I think it´s a wonderful place to live.

Just enjoy the city and don´t hesitate in contact me if you have any doubt.



Isabel Lorenzo


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