First contact with SOM

I started in my new job 3 months ago.I was little bit afraid because I’ve never worked in a big firm before. I thought that the atmosphere was going to be cold,but I was wrong, actually it is very nice to work with a big group of people because to socialize becomes an important part of your workday.

We are around 50 people in the office and growing.In my opinion it is the perfect size because you deal with other professionals like Engineers , MarketingHR and you learn a lot but you also keep understanding the whole project process. I’m working in the design team and learning a lot. They have a very forward thinking and they are constantly applying new technologies in design in order improve and go further.It is very interesting to learn systems that produce good designs and works with the maximum effectiveness. I’m the one in charge of the virtualreality and I didn’t know anything about it before working here. The oculus glasses became a new work tool for me, every time I make a design a space I put the glasses on, I get inside and feel it. It is awesome! It’s very exciting because the option that you are designing could be “the option” meaning that everything you are thinking has strong consequence in a future large scale building..I am having the opportunity that I’ve been dreaming for years.. I’m working a lot but having lot of fun and a unique experience.

Esteban Becerril


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