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Williamsburg rooftop

Last Friday I went to an incredible rooftop with other Spanish people (some of them architects). The place was a stunning bar where we were able to have a good burger with some beer and amazing cocktails.


The night was very interesting, New York style, where every day you have the chance to meet very interesting people, and make new friends. In a different way from European way of thinking, people talk to you in an easier way, and everywhere. Could happen in a rooftop, in a restaurant or in the subway. This is amazing.

And I specially talk about that night, because everybody in this meeting, as normal, missed their homes, but all of them told me that the decision of coming to USA changed their life for better.  Some were married, some had been here for a year, two, five… But all began with a decision. One, in where there skills have been developed because of the American way of work, and the things we are capable to do here.

So, if you’re still thinking about it, just trust in your dreams!




Rodrigo Castroviejo

Intern at Cetra RuddyNew York

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