some tips about the embassy appointment

My j1 visa experience and some tips about the embassy appointment

Hi everyone! In a little more than a week I will start working at Young Projects in New York, I feel myself very fortunate for this opportunity that would not have been possible without the support of Patricia and her team of Architect-US.

Much has already been written in this blog about the process until you are all set to live this experience, which in my case has lasted two months, so I will give you some tips about the Embassy appointment or DS-160. 

First of all, you should fill out the DS-160 (an American-size identification photo is a request) using Internet Explorer (another browser can cause problems), after that you should verify that all data in this document is correct because once you request the appointment at the embassy, the DS-160 cannot be changed.

Once the embassy receive the payment you can choose the appointment’s day, if the first one available is too late you can ask to move the appointment forward, and if embassy employees deny your request, I advise you to review from time to time the available appointments and when someone cancel his/her meeting, pick it up.

In the appointment’s day, do not carry a bag, bring only a folder with all your documents, I also recommend you to arrive about a half-hour before. The interview to get J-1 visa is very simple so don’t worry about it, then if you are pushed for time, you have the option of receiving the visa sooner (in three working days) by selecting urgent messenger service (MRW).

I hope you find some of this tips helpful and I encourage all of you to be part of Architect-US Career Training Program!

Inés Hernández


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