My experience with Architect-US!

Hi!! I am a new trainee part of the Architect-US Professional Carerr Training Program and I am going to tell my experience with the Program.

I always wanted to have the experience of working abroad. I love learning languages, travelling and knowing different cultures and USA is the perfect place to get the most of it, so I took the decision…

I began to send a lot of resumes, but I found some problems on account of the visa issues. I discovered Architect-US program and I saw the light! The program sponsors the J1 visa, paperwork and insurance, so to find the opportunity was now really easier. I wrote them with a lot of doubts and questions and they explained me everything perfectly and in few weeks, there were a lot of opportunities in interesting and amazing offices.

Patricia, the Director of Architect-US is very closed to you and she helped me with everything, from advices for the interviews until whatever procedures with papers, with the visa…  and now I can say that my adventure in NYC begins!!! Tomorrow I will be working in an incredible architectural office in the heart of Manhattan, Workshop/APD!

I am really grateful with Architect-US, thanks to them I am going to live one of the experiences of my life!


Belén Dominguez


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