Golden Gate

I have been planing to travel Shanghai later on. I thought that maybe because of being in San Francisco travel to Asia would be shorter. It is true that the flights are cheaper but in comparison to Madrid the distance is the same. I freaked out with that immense distance, actually It takes the same time to get to Shanghai from Madrid that from here. 12h From shore to shore of the ocean. The Pacific is the half of the world.

I had this thought on my mind when I visit the golden gate for the first time. To be honest I had never go before and I had only seen it form a long distance. I never had got close enough to appreciate its huge scale and its heroic halo. The red color turns this early xx century bridge into an icon.  I though also about its name and the intensity of the ocean. So I suddenly started to visualize all of those ships coming from Asia crossing this eternal sea and finally entering to the man´s lands after months of being in the ocean. The feeling of that scene was mythologic.

Its insane that such a great structure was built at the beginnings of the xx century. It should be such an engineering adventure, that fact of being trough all those technical difficulties and challenges make me think of the golden gate as I thought of the pyramids. As a myth come true.

Don´t know, it´s just how I felt.

Alvaro Guillen


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