Visa approved! Now on my way to San Francisco

Hi Architect-US crew!

I’m an architecture graduate from Brazil. During architecture school I went to Australia and did a one year study abroad in Sydney and summer internship in Melbourne. That year was probably the most important, exciting and productive period of my entire degree as I got to learn, experience and connect with people from all over the world. After graduating, I worked as a junior architect for 2 years in São Paulo, and then found myself wanting to pursue a new experience abroad.

I found out about Architect-US on ArchDaily and got very excited about the possibility of training in the U.S. I was a bit unsure about how the process would be. When I finally made a decision to enrol on this program, everything was way more straightforward than expected. All their team was extremely responsive and cleared all of the many doubts I had. As I found the position independentelly, I did the visa with Architect-US and they were extremely effective in every aspect. The host company also felt very comfortable as the A-US team was speaking to them on a daily basis and guiding them throughout the whole visa application documentss. They also sent me instructions about each step, one at a time in the proper timing – which made everything super smooth.

About the embassy interview, it was quite straightforward as well. They mostly asked about what the program was, but everything was well explained on the training plan. My major concern was getting the appointment, since due to the pandemic there were no interviews being carried out in Brazil- so I had to apply in a different country. It all worked out: I got an expedited appointment as I could justify the start of the training date.

I’m starting my training in San Francisco next week and I’m very happy to share a bit of this experience with all of you. Perhaps we’ll meet throughout this journey and share our experiences in person.



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