My personal experience with ARCHITECT-US

Hello everybody! My name is Rodrigo and I have just arrived in the city that never sleeps, New York City!


I write you from the “center of the center” of the civilization. I have accomplished the dream of my life. I think in a part I deserve it, but this dream, the one you too have, the one you have fought for, of working abroad in the States, not only depends on you. This is the reality. 

That’s why I will always be grateful to the Architect-US team and specially to Patricia García. They gave me a final push in order to be here, writing to you, from my bed, in the New Yorker SOHO. This is not a dream anymore.

The word I more relate to the Program is help, help and constancy, accompanied with an outstanding human treatment. Architect-US is not just a company, it goes beyond and saves up a lot of time to organize everithing, lots of papers, documents, visas, procedures… That is why I highly recommend the opportunity.

Maybe, this oportunity, is the best investment of your life, cause this opportunity will take you far away. To a great company that will appreciate what you are, in the most incredible system of the world, the american market.


Rodrigo Castroviejo


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