KieranTimberlake wants their employees to learn

KieranTimbelake wants their employees continuously learn and build their knowledge.

On the first floor of the office, there is a large open space which is used for both gallery space that exhibits some prototypes and models of our works, and also for the lecture hall.

Exhibition Space at KT


On every other Wednesday, there is “Lunch and Learn” session for an hour during lunch hour, in which people from construction field, mostly manufacturers of innovated construction products, come to our office and give us a lecture on their knowledge and products.

As usual, there was another L&L session this Wednesday. For this time, a person from York Flashing, a company specialized in building flashing, gave us a presentation on their different types of flashing products. The image above was taken during the presentation while seating at the back learning about flashing and eating chicken wraps which was provided by the office. 

I found this time very useful for myself because I can learn so much stuff from the people who have so much knowledge and experience on different aspects of the building construction. 

I guess I can have at least 4 more L&L sessions while I am interning at this office, and I am really exciting and curious about upcoming presentations.


Jae Yoo


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