Beyond the streets-Los Angeles

Beyond the Streets

Living in a city as creative as Los Angeles there are always galleries and exhibitions to visit and be wowed by. This month I took a trip to one of the latest pop-ups exciting the local art world: Beyond the Streets and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Dubbed as the premier exhibition of graffiti and street art, the pop-up exhibition features work spanning 50 years from over 100 artists, including Keith Haring, Takashi Murakami, Tim Conlon, and even Banksy. (Full artist line-up available)

The show seeks to educate visitors whilst celebrating the transition of street art from a gritty, urban counterculture to its emergence within the mainstream contemporary art. The work takes the many mediums of murals, street photography, a neon room, scale models and even full-scale installations, with a few ‘Instagram’ moments thrown in for good measure. The exhibition teases the question of “is street art even street art if it’s not in the streets?” but I feel that the curators have done a great job in capturing the spirit of street art, creating a narrative that speaks about political anarchy, social injustice and frequent acts of rebellion.

Beyond the Streets is available to visit through until August 26 and tickets can be purchased through their website.

Mitchell Hattersley


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