I had been wanting to experience living in New York City before I knew about Architect-US.

I began my search and reach out to every contact I could think of. I was optimistic at first. However, after sending my resume and portfolio to over 40 Architectures studios, I began to realize that it would be a more difficult process. It was difficult to get someone to even look at my portfolio. Most firms preferred to meet me in person. So, I felt lucky to learn from a friend about Architect-US Professional Career Training Program and I decided to take a chance and apply.

Applying to the program was a good decision as it opened up many OPPORTUNITIES. In just one week, I began to receive contacts. In addition, it was clear to me that Architect-US was SYMPATHETIC to my position. They understood the difficulties behind wanting to come to the US as an architectural professional as they had done it before and have help other individuals with their families do the same. I eventually interviewed with Cetra Rudy via Skype. This was a company that I was already interested in applying to.

Architect-US made it much easier for me to learn how to make my dream of coming to New York City with my family a reality. I started to understand all the STEPS for acquiring a J-1 visa and any other requirements. They made the process SIMPLE and EASY. It seemed to me that they cared for what you want and need.

My family and I are currently living with our relatives and I am pursuing my training program at Cetra Ruddy. I appreciate all the assistance we received with Architect-US as they still continue reach out to me to make sure things are going smoothly.

Thank you Architect-US!

Luna Lopez


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