Three months in LA

I have been part of Relativity Architects for 3 months, a young studio formed by architects from all over the world, with a range of projects that include housing (a great number of them focused on affordable housing), commercial, retail and the design of production studios.

Adapting to a new job always carries a process of learning and acclimatization, if we add this to being in a new country that is not the one where you have been carrying out your profession for years, these differences are accentuated, and the case of the United States is not different.

The use of the imperial system, the avoirdupois, the volume units, … are some examples of the most striking differences at first sight, which, together with the structures made entirely of wood, becomes secondary when you get involved in the different phases of a project (it does not stop causing headaches from time to time).

The difference that I personally find most noteworthy, and that it should not be this way, is the constant and dynamic collaboration that exists between all types of agents belonging to the project. The architect goes from being a lone multitasker specialized in all sectors to a project manager surrounded by all kinds of specialists. These specialists, consultants in all areas, result in projects, which although not necessarily are architecturally superior, they always (or almost always), due to the responsibility acquired by each of the delegates who are part of the team, undergo a general control during all phases really satisfying for an architect and that I have rarely found in my home country.

This is just one of the many differences that exist between the architecture that I carry out today and the one that I have carried out for years back home. Personally, and due to the experience, that I have had, I consider it to be the most striking to share with you and that I hope it will help or guide those who dare to take the same step that I have taken.

Daniel Sosa

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