When I decided to come to for my Internship at Jorge Mastropietro Architects Atelier I was excited but at the same time worried about what I was leaving behind. It was a dream and suddenly Architect-US Internship Program turned int into a reality

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Everything happened so fast that I found myself concerned about the fact that I was going to start a completely new experience in another country, far from home, family and friends. I knew I was going to feel the real distance during the special dates mainly, holidays and birthdays.  

I arrived to New York on December 2015. The first weeks were easy, everything was amazing, nothing to let me down, I was watching my dream come true. Christmas was close and the city had it´s wonderful joy, it was a colorful, exciting and happy New York. However, I believed holidays to be a hard moment to face, I was alone in an unknown place on a very special date.

I am really happy to admit that to my surprise, far from being something bad, I have the best memories of this time! I accepted the help from people around me and had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I travelled, visited new places, and enjoyed from being in this great city. 

As we know, everything is part of this expecience, good and bad moments, learning, being right and wrong, making mistakes, missing our people, having fun; it all comes to our growth and development as a professional and as an individual. Even though I may have my ups and downs I would choose to do this again, recommend it and would love for everyone to have the chance to live the experience. 



Stefania Sconfienza


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