I am writing this post as an intern of Architect-US Career Training Program in order to provide feedback about my experience with the Architect-US internship Program. As long as I have been involved in the organization all I can say about Architect-US sponsorship is positive.

I contacted with Architect-US just after attending the Program Director’s conference in my University, the Madrid Polytechnic School of Architecture (ETSAM), since it really caught my attention. I studied part of my degree in Chicago and I had always wanted to have the chance to work in the USA. However, it is not that easy when being a foreigner. I was surprised after Patricia Garcia’s conference because it seemed that after all there was still hope and that there could be still a chance for me. 

It could appear as a complicated process and it might be, but once in Architect-US everything goes smoothly and easily as they are always available to give you support and advice. No matter how many times you ask them the same questions they are always pleased to help you. I am still grateful and surprised by the Director’s patience.

From the first moment I got involved in the program they have been suggesting me different architectural firms that I could fit in. But you always have the last word wether you want to continue or not with the process. I rejected some of the proposed host companies at the begining because I had a clear aim in my mind. I wanted to work for HOK in New York and now I am happy to say that I am on my way to make it real as a result of taking part in the Architect-US Training Program and their J-1 visa sponsorship. Somehow, Architect-US makes it all easier, they equate your chances to the rest of the american citizens, but in the end your success depends just on you. Nevertheless, you will always find help and support from Architect-US in the different stages of the process, so you will never feel neither lost nor alone. 

Despite its short professional background, I can say from my experience that Architect-US is definitely a reputable organization that works undoubtedly well and I strongly believe that it is worth it to trust them if you are wishful and motivated to move and work in the US to start your professional career.

Claudia Conde


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