Winter is here

Get the right outfit on and explore the city under the snow!

Hey everyone!

I woke up las Saturday and I got the best surprise, a street covered on snow! It was so beautiful! Since we don’t ever get snow where I am from I was excited as a little kid because. What I didn’t know is what the snow means in a daily basis. Here are some things I learned this week and might serve as tips for others:

Snow boots / The most important thing is not to fall on the street… I can assure that happens! Be aware of the slippery ice that comes up after the beautiful snow if you don’t want to make an scene or get hurt in the middle of the street.

Umbrella / Most of the people on the street don’t use an umbrella and you might think you look extravagant on it, but it does make a difference. Snow makes you wet and cold just as the rain!

Gloves / Essential for a snowball war on your first exciting snow day.

Hot tea / You might not be able to just paralyze your life because of the storm and probably you have to get going with your day. In that case you will need help to keep yourself warm outside, make sure you grab a hot coffee / tea / chocolate at your choice.

Energy to explore / The city has a special light under the snow, go out and enjoy it!

Maria Lopez


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