An architect working in the USA

An architect working in the USA becomes a reality

Since I got my Master Degree in Architecture my idea was to settle in New York for a while. I went to New York last year and I spent three months doing interviews, learning about firm’s requirements and growing my network. I didn’t get a job, I realized that there is a significant distance between the international candidate and the firm. There is tons of people trying the same and your candidature becomes insignificant, no matter how good you are.

What is fantastic about Architect-US Career Training Program is that they represent and defend your candidature, you become visible and a reality for the company and finally you become an architect working in the USA. The endorsement of Architect-Us means everything in the selection process, transmitting responsibility and feasibility. Definitely, what makes the difference.

My personal experience during selection processes with Architect-US, especially with Patricia Garcia, was great because she was an attentive, efficient and good adviser. I asked her about EVERYTHING and she was always ready for an explanation. This makes the understanding of the whole process easier and makes me be an architect working in the USA.

Most of the people think that having professional experience in the USA is impossible, it isn’t. After many tries, I can affirm that the easiest and fastest way to get a job and live your American Dream as an architect working in the USA is through Architect-US.

Esteban Becerril


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