NYC neighbourhoods to visit

If there is one thing living in NY has allowed me to do, it’s to have time to explore more of all the neighbourhoods of NYC.

It is quite easy to get comfortable and just stick around the area where one lives or work, and although I did get a pretty good sense of Brooklyn while I was apartment hunting there are still places I haven’t discovered yet. Also as a tourist I feel there are some places you visit and some that you don’t because you simply don’t have the time.
By now I could write a lot about my favourites in Brooklyn but I will save that for another time and focus this post on what I have discovered around the city that are not the standard neighbourhoods everyone might always go to. A few of the hidden gems.
Flushing in Queens is not really on any of my daily routes around town but it is full of good places for food. Some say it’s worth a detour and I kind of agree although my top tip is that whenever you have access to a car and might be upstate, use that opportunity to stop for food in Flushing on your way in or out of the city.
Astoria, the home of my favourite museum – The  Noguchi museum. Also a bit off the grid but absolutely worth it. Not just for the museum, but also for the gems when it comes to greek food. Yes a lot of these tips are based on food. But there is so much of it in NY one have to find the gems.
South Harlem is another one that is pretty far away for me but is the home of one of the best cocktail bars I have visited in the city.
The last surprise I had is Roosevelt Island. I had passed it a bunch of times before I went for the first time and I really like it. It is home to a monument well worth visiting by architect Louis Kahn and it also has a gondola that brings you over to Manhattan. It is really unexpected and fun.
Again, NY is a wast city and there are so many favourites collecting to my list. Next time I might tell you more about those in the more well known neighbourhoods. But until then maybe I have inspired someone else to check out some of the places above.
Now, back to exploring the city as summer is coming.

Beatrice Dinu


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