Escaping the heat to Crater Lake

One more month in Oregon!

The heat has started to reach us and the land is getting drier and drier every day. Coming from the Alp, I am not used to that sort of climate, or even the idea that there is a “fire season“. Also, I’ve been warned about it for a while now. Last year fire season has been very destructive. The Almeda fire burned a lot of building in the near by city of Talent, leaving families homeless or in tough situation. This last year, architect builders and communities have made all their best to contribute to the reconstruction. Working at Arkitek, we also take part in that process and deals with the aftermath of the fire. Let’s hope that this year won’t be repeating history.

With the temperature going as high as 118°F, you would do anything to escape the heat. As I’d rather not just hide inside with AC, I decided to take a trip to Crater Lake National Park. This is Oregon’s only nation park, but it well deserve its title! What a breath-taking view! The lake is located in a former volcano that exploded, leaving a caldera that slowly got filled by water. Crater Lake is incredibility clear, and blue, while still being very deep.


There’s a road allowing to loop around the whole lake, unfortunately it was still partially close when I visited, because of the snow still blocking some portion of the path.  Speaking of snow, I wasn’t expecting to still see some while it was so hot in Ashland, but that was the freshness I needed! Snowball fight in the middle of June heat wave, who could ask for more?!

This was a short adventure of a week-end, but I’m already planning to explore Oregon some more, especially during this very hot summer. The coast has been very appealing to me lately. So hopefully my next post will relate that next trip!

Capucine Clément


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