Second month living at the desert!

My second month in Tucson went well, I was walking through downtown exploring the area and got to see amazing sculptures on the way. I went to visit the Southern Arizona Heritage & Visitor Center, where I was kindly received and got recommendations of places where I could visit in the future. About parks, arts and culture, heritage, shopping and dining, space and science. I learned more about the town that I currently live in and got to use their interactive displays, view the heritage theatre and shopped at their gift shop.

At my job I’ve been introduced to new software’s and have been currently working on a residential project. I’ve been mainly focused on this project due to deadlines, but so far it has been great since I have learned new presentation skills that are very useful to display projects, and tips and tricks to facilitate the workflow. CLL’s work environment is great and sometimes on lunch times I go out with my coworkers to try different restaurants. Our favorite so far is the 5 points market. On weekends I go out to eat with my roommates too. My favorite place is called No Anchovies in University!

Halloween in Tucson was incredible, I’ve went to downtown, and it was my first time seeing a huge crowd of people wearing costumes. I got to dress up too with my friends! It was a fun and safe experience. I was approved out of office time and got to visit Aruba with my family which was great! I went to different beaches and relaxed. Coming back, Arizona received me with the perfect weather to wear sweaters. I really enjoy living in this state since it doesn’t get too cold. This month has been great. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and the holidays.

Cristina Zambrano


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