The most amazing natural wonders

Road trip through the Southwest US

Over Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to finally visit one of the worlds natural wonders – The Grand Canyon, and let me tell you. It was grand!

The Southwest USA including Utah, Arizona and Nevada is the home to some of the greatest National Parks in the US as well as beautiful preserves and locations to visit. We spent a week traveling around in a van (yes, that is absolutely the way to do it). We visited Sedona, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Bryce Canyon, Zion and finally ended the trip in the Grand Canyon.

At first I was a bit concerned it would all be quite similar but all places had their own beauty and I kept being as amazed at each of our stops. Also the roads and the driving was very beautiful and scenic. It was really great. We caught starry nights, beautiful sunsets, sun and even snow.

Some of the highlights were Monument Valley and Zion for me. I think in many ways these were the two spots where I was very taken aback of their beauty. Very different to each other, but equally fascinating. Also I probably didn’t really know exactly what to expect from these places as with the Grand Canyon for example.

The Grand Canyon counts as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, which in many ways is very understandable. It is unique, it is really big and very beautiful indeed. As an architect, also often inspired by nature and its force to create space this was extremely impressive and a must see in the US.

I have traveled a lot, all around the world and nature is beautiful. But the US Southwest is a place like no other I have seen before. The landscape, the beauty, it is truly unique. I can probably live on the impressions from this trip for a long time from now on. If you come to the US – you should try to experience this too.

Beatrice Dinu


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