I am thrilled to announce that finally I made it to New York City! NYC was that one place I could not leave the US without visiting. Now I can say by experience that it is truly the city that never sleeps and a place you must plan to visit while living in the US


If you are familiar with US geography you know that Philadelphia is up north close to New York, It was not difficult to get transportation from Philly to NYC, I purchased a bus ride that would take me to the big city in just two hours. Traveler advise: If you are planning to visit NYC and you are looking for alternatives other than air transportation to go there, you can search for regional trains tickets or bus tickets with companies like Big bus, Flixbus or similar.

My bus left on a rainy Saturday morning at 4 am, I could not sleep because of the excitement of finally going to NYC. I hopped off the bus before 6 am, although it was dark my adventure started right there, I was just like a kid, keeping my head towards the sky contemplating the skyscrapers.

At first the idea of getting lost alone in New York terrified me, but if I could survive and manage to find my way at 6 am you will surely make it. Traveler advice: be sure to charge your Cellphone to the max and have internet connection, Google maps will be your bestie.


My dream came true, everything is pretty much how the movies show, but when you live it is better. The architecture and urban dynamics makes this area special, I was able to walk around and visit icon buildings and sites that I studied in architecture school.


This was a bubble, once you are in everything else fades, the level of saturation, business and people going in a thousand directions is interesting, if you have the opportunity to be here visit the shops around, and if you would like to buy souvenirs this is the right place.


It could take you a day to fully walk through all the park, this is indeed an urban oasis, I could not believe that such calm and well thought park would be at such a busy location like Manhattan, the views one can get from the city are stunning and if you are like me and have seen Disney´s movie Enchanted you will recall where they shoot some of the scenes.


NYC cannot be known fully, and much less in three days, but I can say it is a charming city, there is amazing people, food and things to do, for sure this is one city I would not hesitate to visit again.

One more thing, I could believe I was able to see (very far away) one of BIG´s projects, NYC skyline was the last glimpse I had from this amazing place.

Thanks for reading all the way, see you in verse 10.


Gregory Gordon

Colombian afro-caribbean architect navigating the U.S market and experiencing it's culture. Into music, visual arts and finding beauty in this world.


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