Last days in the US

I really can’t believe it’s already been almost 18 months since I embarked on this life-changing journey in the United States. In many ways, I feel as though I am both far away from home and missing my family dearly. The thought of embracing my parents again and spending precious moments with them fills me with excitement, fueling my anticipation to return. On the other hand, when I reflect on the day I left to come here, it seems like just yesterday. The memory of packing my bags and setting off on this new adventure is still fresh in my mind.

Upon arriving in this foreign land, a period of adjustment ensued. Although I encountered certain difficulties along the way, my enthusiasm for this remarkable experience never waned. I firmly believe that these past months have held the weight and significance of a decade’s worth of personal growth. How much of our lives do we spend trapped in the monotony of routines, doing the same things day after day without venturing beyond our comfort zones? We often settle for familiarity, neglecting the vastness of the world that awaits us outside our habitual boundaries. Each day spent traveling is an opportunity for new experiences and discoveries, offering lessons that were previously unknown.

For me, these months have epitomized just that. Even a simple trip to the supermarket has become an exciting exploration. Here, I am constantly introduced to new products and customs. While I may not agree with or embrace everything I encounter, I am consistently amazed by the diversity and richness of these encounters. The ability to experience a sense of wonder in the midst of everyday activities is truly beautiful.

This post is dedicated to all those who find themselves contemplating life-altering decisions that have the potential to upend their existence. I implore you to seize the opportunity! There is nothing more rewarding than surrendering yourself to the unknown. This experience has taught me that invaluable lesson. Not a single day goes by, even during the most challenging moments, where I don’t feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for having embarked on this path. Undoubtedly, I have emerged as a transformed individual, continuously learning and evolving with each passing day. And for that alone, every trial and tribulation has been unequivocally worth it! I express my deepest appreciation to Architect-US for making this extraordinary experience possible.

Federica Ferremi


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