the end of my J1 Visa experience
Stephen Isaiah

the end of my J1 Visa experience

I can’t believe that I’m in my last month living in the United States, the end of my J1 Visa experience is getting closer and the time passed very fast,  I feel like it was yesterday that I began to prepare the paperwork to apply for the Visa and that I met the team of Architect-US, they were very friendly and always willing to help and answer any question.

During my time here I developed several skills like teamwork, language and communication skills, time management (responsibilities and deadlines), technological skills, understanding of international building codes, styles, designs, and measurements. Working on RVJA I learned a lot about theme parks and how is the process to design it from the master planning to the design development. I also had the opportunity to attend the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) event on November 2017 and to a Job training program about the structure, functionality, and back of the house of the Florida Aquarium located in Tampa.

the end of my j1 visa program


Now, at the end of my J1 Visa experience, I have a better understanding of US culture. I met people from all over the world including friends, co-workers and neighbors, were I was able to exchange knowledge, food, leisure activities, hobbies and different lifestyles. Another way of relating to the culture was throughout sports, festivals, museums, and trips around the US.

This was an international experience that enriched my knowledge and brought me new experiences regarding my career. I highly recommend to other young colleagues to try this experience and contact the Architect-US team to make this path very easy and smooth!


Emiliano Hernández


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