Pier 39_San Francisco

Living the life in San Francisco

It has been almost 4 months, and life as a J1 trainee couldn’t get any better!

I am loving my job and learning a lot in the American interior design world, like I am starting from scratch. Rules and regulations are very different from what I have been used too before.

I love the fact of living near Japantown and being able to eat some of the best Japanese food, I love how the city is not that big and we can get to any point by public transport and with my electric bike. I was not much of a park person, but since living here, I love how there are so many beautiful parks everywhere and how it creates the charm of the city. I am always amazed by the beauty of the Victorian houses, their colors, their facades. I feel like they are doll houses, and walking around looking at these houses makes me feel like living in a movie, they make me so happy!

Appart from this, it is very weird to be wearing my thickest coat in July! They say July and August are the foggier and coldest months of the year! So I guess it will be warmer in September/October, as everyone says!

I have finished the workshop for jewelry design and I loved it so much that I am excited to start creating my own jewelry pieces.

Also, slowly getting to discover all nice restaurants and bars, my favorite so far is Kuma Sushis+Sake which serves the most delicious raw fish! Times flies so quick, I wish I could have more time to attend cultural events and go out every night, so this is definitely on my list of stuffs do to more. I also want to organize more day trips around San Francisco during the weekends !

Tania Hayek


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