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2020 Venice Architecture Biennale postponed due to Covid-19

In a previous post we had shared with you the opening of the 2020 Venice Architecture Biennale and Bjarke Ingels’ view of architecture in today’s climate. As we had discussed in the post, the opening was set to take place in May 21, 2020. Unfortunately, with the current outbreak of the coronavirus, the event has been postponed for at least three months due to fears that it may bring more cases to current problem. Given the exhibition brings people from all over the world and traveling has been one of the main sources of its spread, they have decided to postpone the event till at least the end of August. This was decided by the government officials and those organizing the event so that the necessary measures are taken to help control and stop more outbreaks. So, as more news and updates come out with la biennale, we will make sure to keep you posted on the matter. As you may be aware, the COVID-19 (or commonly known as coronavirus) was first identified in the Wuhan, China and now has been spreading quickly to other parts of the world. Countries all over the world are taking the necessary measures to help reduce the number of social/work gatherings and mobility. This will probably also affect other  major architecture related upcoming events.

Initially, the event’s organizers felt that if the event was only postponed for a short period that it would render ineffective in the help to reduce the number of new cases, that is why they have made the decision to postpone it for late august, that way they can also assess the progression of the situation and make the necessary changes accordingly. In these times all we can do is try to take precautions, wash hands regularly, and be mindful in the case that symptoms start showing up. Hopefully with the increased efforts in resolving the situation this will cease soon and life can continue regularly without any further worries. So, if you’ve made plans to visit the exhibition, it would be a good idea to change travel plans and hold off on upcoming events. That way you don’t lose any money or have to make new travel arrangements for the future upcoming trips. As further news come in with la biennale and other events we have discussed in our blog section, we will try to keep you as updated as we can so that you can avoid difficulties. On another note, make sure that you read up on news about the coronavirus and the ways that you can reduce the chance of getting it. Anything you can do, no matter how small it is, it always helps the situation and reduces the risk of spreading it to others. So, stay safe and hopefully this will end soon, and we can get more information on the matter and health officials can find ways of minimizing future outbreaks.

We will keep you updated as well with any changes or new information with regards to the coronavirus. For the time being Architect-US is monitoring the situation.


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