Street Festivals and Food Trucks

Los Angeles is unique when it comes to street festivals.
Every weekend there is one festival somewhere in the city, especially from March onwards.

If you love food, which is my case, the food trucks at these festivals are genuinely a dopamine release for my taste buds.
Of course, as we are talking about Los Angeles, Mexican culture is everywhere, I can never deny a delicious quesadilla or taco, but you can find everything at these festivals. From vegan options to even a mix of Mexican/Japanese cuisine to mouthwatering and refreshing ice creams!

The Cars!

It is funny that most of the festivals that I had the opportunity to attend, besides the usual stands of vintage clothes, small business owners… there is always a part with American vintage cars!
I am definitely not a car person, but, maybe because of the show Supernatural, I always found those cars truly beautiful and majestic! It is impossible to capture all the little details and it is so visible how their owners love their cars. From the sparkling paint to the license plate!

The Cherry on Top of the Cake

And, the coolest part, never forget the freebies! Big companies like Baileys, Coca-Cola, and other major companies usually like to create very out-of-the-box drinks to share for free! It is always a fun part to meet new people as some of these creative drinks can sound quite weird, and everybody likes to ask or share their thoughts. It is a very fun even if you don’t have someone to go with you!

My advice is, if you come to Los Angeles, do your own research on these pop-up festivals. There is literally a festival about everything, even anime-related ones! Most of them are free to enter and some it is just a small fee to help the group that organized the event.

Maria Lima


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