Rainy January

Most people in San Francisco are used to being able to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, from hiking – at any of our many hills – to enjoying picnics and sunset sessions in the park. However, during the most part of the month, an unusual rain wave has caused us to stay inside more than we’re used to. Although the state of California can always benefit from rain, this recent wave has been a bit more than the city was prepared for, and thus caused a bit of damage. Many communities have been affected, with some areas even being evacuated due to massive waves hitting the coastal infrastructure.

Coming from a tropical country, I adore the rain – but in a city where most people thrive outdoors, the non-stop water excess could be a bit of a bummer. The extended period of rain has allowed us, however, to spend more time doing other activities that we may not have had time to do before. I had more time to relax and take care of myself by reading good books that have been waiting to be picked up from the shelves and watching documentaries that I’ve been meaning to get around to. I’ve also had more time to do some indoor projects at home, like reorganizing closets and fixing buggy appliances around the house. It was also a very fun time in the sports calendar, with many exciting games of the NFL and NBA seasons, in which San Francisco seems to be doing quite well so far (from my understanding). Social gatherings also included playing more games. From board to card games to chess and pool.

So while this unusual weather has been a bit of a disappointment for outdoor lovers, it has also provided a great opportunity for us all to do some things that we usually don’t have time for – or even discover new activities and potentially new hobbies.



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