[REPLAY] How to become an Entrepreneur with an Architect background? The Story of Pati Garcia

Pati Garcia joined us yesterday for an incredibly insightful and interesting interview where she goes into topics such as how she got her O1 Visa in under 3 months, how she was able to become a studio manager at the age of 25, and the struggles she went through to start Architect-US.

In the beginning of the interview CEO Pati Garcia begins talking about how she has always been someone that seeks answers to questions, and that her desire to be better and help others defines her passion for Architecture and the community. Her Mother was a strong role model and was an entrepreneur as well. Pati believes that by having a strong Maternal presence in her life, she was able to gain the confidence and belief in herself to push through tough times.

This mindset to make the impossible possible is what drives her to improve and provide others with the tools they need to succeed too. It is with this mindset that she decided to take on the 2008 financial crisis, and even was able to find inspirational work by interning with Sir Peter Cook at CRAB Studio during a gap year between her academic experiences.

Pati understood that she wanted to stay positive and keep challenging herself, rather than give up due to the headwinds caused by the recession.

Pati decided to keep working instead of going back to school. Through this decision she was able to learn much more by having hands-on experiences and being a part of every design decision. It got to the point that at the tender age of 25 years old, she was made a Studio Manager at CRAB Studio, and was given immense responsibilities. Pati quotes this experience as one of the major turning points in her career.

Pati has always viewed her mentors throughout her career as a major resource that one should make the most of and always try to learn the most from. She has been able to reinvent herself and adapt to difficult situations. For example, when she was trying to stay in the USA after her time at James Carpenter Design, she had to create the legal arguments for her O1 Visa and study previous examples since her company’s attorney thought she only had a 10 % chance of getting the O1 Extraordinary Artist Visa.

Throughout the interview Pati provides the audience with insights, tips and wonderful stories of her success as well as her failures. She emphasizes that failure is a part of learning and growing not only as a professional, but as a human.

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