Typhoon Lagoon waterpark

In this episode I complete the Disney waterparks tour. Last time was the snowy mountain park and this was time for a warmer region. Typhoon lagoon´s tropical ambience is full of lush vegetation. The park is themed as if a huge storm had passed by, with all the buildings and kiosks slanted by the wind. The first image that you see when entering the park is a fishing boat left on top of a mountain peak, place where many people take the famous picture. It’s a different waterpark in the way that everything is so well themed that you don’t need to spend a lot of time in lines to have a good time.

I would like mention the amazing wave pool. You may find it producing continuous small waves like in many other waterparks, but this is different. Every several minutes the program changes and starts to produce the famous “typhoon” wave. It’s a huge wave that the pool produces every minute and drags all people. I tell you that it’s impressive and you have to be brave to stand tight. So it is that I ended going to first aid to find band aids for a scratch in one of my feet, but the adrenaline hit it is definitely worth it.

So you know, if you visit Orlando and want to take advantage of the nice weather all year round, don’t forget to try the waterparks!

Rosa Llabrés


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