Three months gone!

Without even realizing it, three months have already gone by. Everything is starting to settle down, and at the same time everything still feels new and something is going on all the time. I will give a little update and some insight on this past month.

First of all, no one understands the weather here. Not only because of Fahrenheit, which I’m still not used to, but because the day after being almost 20ºC it can perfectly snow. So you have to make sure you check what is going on that day.

At the beginning of the month, I went again to Barclays Center, but this time for a concert: Tame Impala. It was full of people, which felt a little post covid for the first time, and it was so much fun. The music, the lights, the atmosphere… everyone was there to have a good time, and it felt like everyone did.

A tip for concerts in New York: buy tickets in advance, mostly all the time they sell out, and you don’t want to miss it.

In the middle of the month, our office got together on Friday afternoon and went to a really cool place in Brooklyn to play bocce. It was a great moment to get everyone outside of the office and spend some fun time with our bosses and coworkers.

Also a few weeks ago we discovered a place about which I will talk about more in the future, but which is worth taking note: Time Out Market, in DUMBO, very close to our office. There’s a great rooftop with views of Manhattan and really nice drinks and food, great after a hard day of work.

I hope these small flashes give you an idea of what life in New York is being like so far, and as you can see, most of it happens in Brooklyn, so there´s still a lot to discover.

Julio Picatoste


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