I’m a student in France and I got my first engineering internship in the USA!

I was very happy, but… how do I go there? I know I need a visa, at least, but I don’t know the visa category, or if I need any other documents. Does my company need to enter the visa process? Can I go with just a tourist visa? So many questions…. I was very confused. But then, the company I’ll be working in (Gilsanz Murray Steficek LLP Engineers and Architects (GMS)) explained to me that in order to qualify for a visa, I’ll need to get in touch with a sponsor. That is when I was recommended to Architec – US, the company with which most part of the foreign students use as sponsor. Architec – US helped me with all my bureaucratic doubts. For months, they have always been very solicitous with me, always supporting me in the process of getting my J1 visa.

Architect – US provided me a very well explained material with which I could easily understand what I had to do for the visa process. Furthermore, I was provided with documents providing advice on how to behave in the United States during the year, and very clear instructions about my obligations as an intern in the US and as a sponsored by Architect – US. I don’t know if it was a requirement for the visa, or just a formality of Architect – US, but the little test to be sure we understood all the procedure was very effective for me.

I confess that even to this moment, I still don’t know how to explain the entire procedure that is necessary to obtain this visa. But I don’t worry about that, because whenever any doubt arises, I just email Sonia Sanchez and the answer will come quickly. Now the preparations are ready.

Karsion Kaminskas


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