I just can´t believe it, I will be in the U.S by the end of this week!

Going to the U.S song have been a rollercoaster. It was an exciting news that I had been accepted into Architect U.S pool of candidates, this was too good to be true, I knew something was missing…. Boom! Days after we realize that I had to have a job offer in less than three months in order to be eligible as an intern because my year after graduation would be completed by March 26th 2022.

That felt like someone was throwing a bucket of iced water on me, still Architect U.S team alongside with Patti assured me that they would do anything possible in their strength to find me a job within the limited time, and guess what? They did it, in less than a month they arranged me an interview at Plato studio and two days after I got an official Job offer.

All this happened almost two months before my time for being eligible ended, now you see… A total rollercoaster.

Now I’m just waiting and anticipating what is to come, I often think about how I will deal with Imperial metric system, how my hair will react to different seasons, what I will learn and about the new people I will meet. When this experience ends I want to come back to this Prelude and say that the song of going to the U.S although it sounded risky it was much more than expected, even I would like to think on having the soundtrack on repeat.

The time has come, I need to get myself together for the trip, there is still documents to read, paper work to deliver and long nights deciding which clothes will be more suitable for work and for the changing seasons there in Philly, I will have to leave family and friends for a good period of time in order to make this song keep playing, but surely the growth I will experience professionally and personally will worth it.

I have to resume the planning of my arrival to Philly, so that is it for now, stay tuned so that you can be part of this song. See you in verse 1.

Gregory Gordon

Colombian afro-caribbean architect navigating the U.S market and experiencing it's culture. Into music, visual arts and finding beauty in this world.


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