Hi everyone!

My name is Luis, and I’m a new visitor in NY! A little about my background, I finished my Master in Madrid in 2019 where I also worked until I started this new adventure in the USA.

I’ve always wanted to go abroad when I finished my studies, especially to New York as I think there is no better city to develop your professional experience as an architect than NY, as well as your life experience with such a variety of cultures, art, events, exhibitions in the same spot at the same time.

Due to different reasons back in time, I didn’t have this opportunity, until Fundación Arquia and Architect-US offered a wonderful Scholarship Program for Spanish and Portuguese students, to join US architecture studios which made it possible.

All the Architect-US team helped, advised, and supported me, resolving all my doubts during the whole process with experience, patience and true involvement, making the paperwork, appointments and requirements for the VISA easy and successful.

Thanks to this, I’m going to have the opportunity to learn and grow professionally in Handel Architects, a US firm with a large number of projects, experience and prestige, especially in New York, where their main office is.

After I received my passport with the VISA after the embassy appointment, a week ago, I had a very busy time with a lot of hard work, but it passed quickly, and now I’m ready to start this change in my life and unique professional and personal experience, so in a few days I will be part of an architecture firm in Wall Street!

Luis Somoza


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