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I cannot believe this is actually happening! Hi everyone! My name is Matej and I would like to share with you my story of making my American dream come true and my experience with Architect-US getting the J1 Visa and having an architecture experience in the USA.

After completing my studies of architecture and urban planning in Slovakia and Italy, I decided to pursue my professional career abroad. I moved to Paris where I’ve been living and working for already 2 years, however, I’ve always wanted to experience the life overseas.

I have been to the United States before, whether just on vacation or as a part of the Work&Travel Programs. But the idea of having an architecture experience in the USA has been on my mind for quite some time. Of course, I knew that it will be a long journey to make this dream come true and to find a job opportunity there won’t be easy especially because of the whole visa situation. I was applying for jobs, but with no feedback…I realized that I won’t be able to do that without any help so I did my research on the internet and found out about Architect-US…Thank God! I subscribed immediately and my hunt for a dream job has begun. As I didn’t have a job offer I chose the option that Architect-US will help me to find the best opportunity for me. To be honest it has been a long journey, longer than I was expecting but as I was told several times, „where there is a will, there is a way“ ( It is totally true 🙂 ), I didn’t give up and therefore my suitcase is packed and tomorrow I’m heading to LA.

In my case, the process of getting a job took some time but once I got the job offer the J1 visa process was faster than I expected, it took about 4 weeks and I received my passport with the visa stamped in it yesterday. Of course like everyone before the visa interview I was nervous and read so many stories on the internet about how complicated it could be, what kind of tricky questions they could ask you at the embassy etc…That was a mistake and I was worried too much! The interview went very well, I just answered two basic questions and in 2 minutes I was standing in front of the embassy with my visa being approved and start my architecture experience in the USA.

Thanks to a great professional guidance and help of Emilia Stefanova and the team of Architect-US through the whole process it was a pleasant journey and  I would definitely recommend Architect-US to everyone who is having a dream of gaining a professional experience in the US. It’s definitely all worth it!

American dream begins in 3…2…1

Matej Strbka


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