way to Seattle

Finally, on our way to Seattle!

After a 2 month’s work, I’ve finally received my J1 Visa and we are on our way to Seattle, Lorenzo (husband) and Minu (dog) is ready for a great adventure in the USA.

I was living in Vancouver, Canada in January after spoke with my friend Eva that is another participant of Architect-US and is now living in New York, I decided to contact Architect-US to find a new experience to my career.

After 1 year in Canada I was searching for a warm place on the west coast “ California”, but on February I was in Seattle for holidays and Emilia contact me for an opportunity there so I went to Studio19 Architects for an interview and I have a great feeling form the first time, is a beautiful studio in downtown Seattle, they show me some projects residential and commercial design really interesting and they were very kindly.

After a few days, I received an offer from them the first step to start the way to Seattle.

I was really happy and I take a few days to decide with my husband and Monday morning after the weekend I send my positive answer!

From this point to now time have been flowing, we start all the process and after less than 2 months I received all the documents for the J1 Visa.

Then we went to the interview in the consulate in Vancouver one week ago was really fast, we spend more time in security control and lines that in the interview.

Most of the interview questions are pretty standard:

Me“Good morning!”
Officer“Morning. Can I have your I-20 please?”
Me“I’m a J-1 applicant, do you mean DS-2019?”
Officer“Yes, DS.”
(I hand in DS-2019 and passport)
Officer“So, what did you study?

Me“I study architecture and interior design in Rome, Italy”
Officer“What are you going to do in the USA”

Me“I’m participating in a cultural exchange experience as an intern in Studio19architect in Seattle.

Officer“Wow! How long will you be in the US?”
Me“18 months.”
Officer“Are you married”
Officer“Have you received a copy of your fundamental rights in the US?”
Officer“Here you go! Congratulations, your visa is approved, you can head straight to the exit.”
Me“Thank you!”

Today we get our passports and I’m now writing this post in the car on my way to Seattle!

We have our car full of stuff but we don’t have an apartment!!! So this week will be very busy we have a lot of appointment to rent an apartment and Wednesday will be my first day in Studio19architects!

Thank you Architect-US, Emilia, Patricia, Isabel and all the staff for finding me this great opportunity, helping and answering all my questions.

Ksenija Bianchi


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