November Portfolio Challenge Winner is a project that designed an architectural archive devoted to the late Umberto Eco

October was a month full of incredible projects, but November has been a month full of top notch projects ranging from collective housing to a rethink in the design of our cities to historical preservation in Italy.

With 8 artists’ work being presented throughout the month on all of our different platforms, we have the final winner with the most likes on Instagram!!

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The winner of the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month, the month of November is… Stas Gulkowski’s La Struttura Assente which garnered the most likes on Instagram with 92 likes in November!!

La Struttura Assente, the parcel of the project is located in the central, historical section of Milan, along Via San Marco. The longitudinal shape makes the site very interesting, though problematic. Within the areas exist a short remnant of an old ‘naviglio’ (it. canal) from the time when Milan looked much more like Venice today. The site has historical value because of the presence of Leonardo Da Vinci’s master hand.

The main task was to design an architectural archive with an exclusive area devoted to the late Umberto Eco – the revered 20th century Italian writer. “La Struttura Assente”, the title of the project, was imported from his literary work. The archive itself was designed underground, hence the titular ‘Absent Structure’ has a special meaning for the design.

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If you want to see more by Stas, scroll down to the bottom to find the rest of his project, La Struttura Assente.

Thank you to everyone who had their work presented in the month of November!! 😁😁 We want to make sure that they all get more exposure! 👀👀

In second place was Louis Lacorne Casero’s Eco Jetwhich was able to get 54 likes on Instagram. In Eco Jet, he is looking to provide us with a holistic design for a sustainable village or community that has access to all of the services necessary for the people to reach a high standard of living. Louis designs research centers, post offices, residential spaces, restaurants, barbershops, and more into the Eco Jet community.

In third place was Maria O’Connor’s NEPAL COMMUNITY CENTERwhich was able to get 51 likes on Instagram. The goal of her design is to create a sustainable space for the community to be provided for with basic services such as solar-based electricity, heating, and improved resilient cropping. By providing a low-cost and easily replicable design for the community center in Nepal, this design can be applied globally and gain traction with NGOs and Governments alike.

In fourth place was Miguel de la Ossa‘s EXPRESS WEDDING CHAPEL IN EUROVEGAS, which was able to get 42 likes on Instagram. Miguel was focused on designing the chapel for a wedding in a European version of Vegas. In Las Vegas, there is a phenomenon centered around express weddings, and the Elvis Presley led events, so Miguel doubled down on this concept within his design. In 2016, Miguel joined our program, and very soon after was offered the chance to work in New York City with Cetra Ruddy. He got to stay there until 2018, and was able to learn more about construction documentation and client facing. Now he is in Spain working as an Architect with Estudio Herreros.

In fifth place was Romina Revoredo’s Collective Housing and Facilities Center, which garnered over 33 likes on Instagram. Romina recently joined StudioMDA in New York City to start her J1 Visa experience with a top studio. She is excited to get started and soon she will be writing blogs about her experience so far. For her second submission she will be providing us with a collective housing and facilities center that focuses on creating a sense of community through the design of different spaces that target universal services. Romina defines the way in which housing and services can be placed in the same space to ensure a certain standard of living that is dignified and promotes strong community.

In sixth place was Arunachalam lakshmanan’s NEW VAN BHAVANwhich gained over 31 likes on Instagram. Arunachalam has been working for 3 yrs as an architectural assistant and intern for architecture/interior design firms in India. Arunachalam views himself as someone that is passionate about what he does and strives to push himself to learn new things. If you look through his portfolio of works you will see how he explores architecture in response to culture, community or environment of a project, by imbuing key characteristics into the experience and the character of the design outcome.

In seventh place was Daniela Alejandra Santibañez Liberona’s Relix Water Projectwhich garnered over 30 likes on Instagram. Daniela seeks to design Relix Water, an industry that offers solutions focused on hydraulic processes and corrosive fluids from the mining industry. The company bought an old warehouse in Colina, Chile, that needed to be redesigned to service the industry and the workers. Thus you can see that a cafeteria is included, as well as customer service spaces, office spaces, meeting spaces and more. The goal was to revamp old infrastructure while also making the space more sustainable and energy efficient.

In eighth place was Santiago del Águila’s Nexuswhich garnered 20 likes on Instagram. “Nexus”, a project that explored the possible outcomes of over urbanisation in the near future. Trying to exploit its most extreme prospects concerning social, political and environmental aspects; the focus of the narrative proposed will consider the possible constraints of choosing to live outside of cities. That is living outside of the support of society. In this situation a new human-machine relationship will appear with a new agent that would fill the vacancy, this new actant would be an autonomous infrastructure that would replace the current human footprint outside of mayor urban areas, the “Industrial Nexus”.

Images by Stas Gulkowski

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