Flying to Chicago!

Hi Architect-US crew!

I am writing this blog entry while I’m packing everything, as I am flying to Chicago tomorrow! After all the uncertainty during these past months due to the pandemic, I can’t believe I’m finally going there and starting this amazing experience! Can’t stress enough how grateful I am for all the help and attention I have received from Architect-US!

My name is Cristina and I will be a trainee in the architectural studio Wheeler & Kearns Architects in Chicago. I was supposed to travel there some months ago, but this whole Covid situation made the process a bit more longer than expected. The team of Architect-US has been so attentive all the time! Answering any questions I might have had in record time, sending any updates available,…

They have guided me through the whole process, from helping me take my portfolio to the next level, getting interviews that matched my profile, to giving tips for the Embassy appointment. After improving my portfolio thanks to their guidance, I started having my profile ready for interviews. I got the offer from Wheeler & Kearns very soon and started preparing the paperwork needed right away. I was supposed to get the Embassy appointment around July, but Covid got in the way and delayed everything a bit… During those moments full of uncertainty, Architect-US was checking up on both me and the studio all the time, engaging in great communication. After some months, I could finally get my visa approved without problems in Madrid (just a week ago!).

The whole process can certainly feel very overwhelming and the help and guidance given by Architect-US have been top-notch. I can’t imagine all of this becoming possible without them!

I’m feeling so excited and grateful for this experience that is about to start, that I can only hope for more people to get in touch with Architect-US as I am sure they will make their goals and dreams come true!

Cristina Asla


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