Visa approved! OMW to the Big Apple!

I´m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I´m going to work to NYC! I just got my J1-Visa approved, and I cannot begin to express how happy I am.

My fast experience with Architect-US has been amazing so far. I finished my Master´s Degree in Architecture last June, and all I knew back then was that I wanted to start my professional life abroad. I didn´t know where but I was sure about it. Every Wednesday I would connect to the live sessions Architect-US organized with people working in the US, and I´d start dreaming that could be me in a near future, maybe living in NYC, my favourite city. Well, now I´m on the road to that “near future” after being chosen after an amazing interview with an American company in NYC, Nelligan White Architects. I couldn´t be happier when they asked me for an interview, and of course when they finally told me they wanted me to join their team!

The process with all the paperwork was so smooth, even the Embassy interview went great. That moment, while waiting in the queue, is when I truly realized I was going to the US!! All the excitement booking my flight tickets, looking for an apartment, getting to know The City… is something else. And on top of that, I get the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving in the US, experience the Black Friday fever in the Big Apple. And moreover, spend an unforgettable Christmas over there. Oh, and I get to share all this experience with another friend from Spain!! Can´t wait.

To sum up, I know, because I thought it too, this seems too good to be true. However, trust me; I submitted my papers and only a couple months later I´m packing my suitcases, getting ready to fly and super excited to live my lifelong dream. Let the sky be your limit. See you guys in NYC!!

María Diez


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