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Sunny San Diego

Today I have been working from home for a month, life has completely changed these last few weeks. The world is going through a moment that no one ever imagined could happen, entire cities empty, people getting very sick and dying, we must all do our part.

But my post today will not be about COVID-19, I want to talk about my last weekend traveling which is the thing I like to do the most.

The first weekend of March I traveled to San Diego, I promised myself that I would return to California whenever possible, definitely my favorite place in the United States. The weather there is pleasant, not as hot as here, people are super young and lively. The main reason I went there was to visit a group of friends who had an exchange with me in Australia, two of my friends, one from Mexico and another from Colombia found me there, it was super fun.

We agreed to meet in San Diego and spend a day in Mexico. I lived one of the most intense experiences of my life, crossing the border of the USA and Mexico on foot through Tijuana, it was exciting and just like the movies and series. The immense wall that divided the two countries and the reality is completely different. I love living here, but I have to say the food in Mexico is much better. I have never eaten so well in my life, many kinds of seafood at a fair price and very fresh, several tacos and ceviches.

The weather was not very hot so it was great to explore some trails and wineries in the region, we also went to the bar where the famous Marguerita was created, the place is very touristy, but it was super fun. I was in love with the modern and contemporary architecture that I saw in the city of Ensenada, all very sophisticated and clean, I would like to be able to bring some of that style to our projects here.

On our last day of sightseeing, we spent the day exploring San Diego, what an amazing city, I want to move there, I’m in love !! I love cities that you don’t need a car for anything, you can just walk or use public transport to go anywhere, San Diego is a young place, the bars and restaurants are always full of young people, the beaches are beautiful and they there’s a unit of my favorite ice cream.

Unfortunately, it was time to leave, but I can’t wait for this COVID-19 time to come back. I hope everyone is well and safe.

Nathalie Hellmich


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