Last week, my father was visiting me, coming from Spain. He travelled 6,200 km, flying at almost 10,000 meters high with speeds of 800 km. About eight hours from Madrid-Barajas Airport to John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport.
The first thing he told me was that in New York it was much colder. He also told me that life is much more expensive than in Spain.

As it was my birthday we went to eat seafood in Lower Manhattan. It was delicious. Besides, the time was very fun because he and a friend prepared a cake and I blew out the candles accompanied by the whole restaurant, singing with us the typical “Happy Birtdhay To You” song. As my father told me, New Yorkers seemed very friendly.
Naturally, while I worked, he visited and walked through the entire city, getting impressed by the huge skyscrapers, all, and the entire skyline. From the World Trade Center to the Empire State Building, visiting the famous Statue of Liberty too.

But what he didn’t know was the surprise I had prepared for him.
It turns out that I bought tickets to attend the legendary Radio City Music Hall in the Rockefeller Center, where the quintessential Christmas show in New York takes place, neither more nor less than “Radio City Christmas Spectacular” starring the beloved dancers: The Rockettes. As you probably know, it is a Christmas story that happens in Broadway. It is related through dance, music and acting for 90 minutes by more than 140 actors and an astonishing technological display (3D glasses at some times). It is a Christmas story about two brothers among, who doubt about the existence of Christmas. Obviously, in the end, with The Living and with The Joy of the World it is shown that magic is possible and Santa Claus and The Rockettes prove it.

After the show we went to have the true American hamburger in the basement of the Grand Central Station.
He will visit me again because New York is very big and he has much to discover. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Finally, the saying below is also very American: “The bigger the better”. You can figure out what I mean.

I only have to say goodbye saying that, for the next post, one of my favorite parties, Christmas, will have already passed.

See you son!

A. Buades

Alicia Buades


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