Trip to Bolinas

Hello everyone! This is my second month in the Bay Area and I start feeeling like home. I’m very happy working at my company and I’ve started to create a cool group of friends.

One thing I love in here it’s that they have all the holidays on Mondays, so every time you have a holiday you can enjoy a long weekend. Last Monday was President’s day and we organized a short trip.

My friends and I rented an Airbnb in Bolinas. They call it a ‘glamping’ place (Glamorous camping) hahaha, because we slept in beds and we also had a bathroom, so we went fake camping. Bolinas is a really nice little town in the north of San Francisco, a hidden Marin haven where ’60s idealism endures. About 50 years ago, people from Bolinas started removing the town’s highway sign. The goal was to build a nature-friendly community without the distractions and economic distortions of tourism. Even though now we have GPS they still have this kind of hippie-isolated vibe.

We went to the beach during daylight and we were just chilling in the bonfire at night, we cooked some food and we made smores (cookies, chocolate and marshmallows), I felt so American!

We had a really fun time there and it was also good for disconnecting from the hustle San Francisco.

Alejandro Alonso


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